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Our mission is to enable our customers to identify and study the glycosylation profile of their bioproducts (antibodies, cells, viruses...).

To do so, we have developed Myglycotest, a test that allows to study the glycosylation profile of the different bioproducts mentioned above.

The objective for our customers is to be able to optimize the production of their bioproducts or to integrate this test directly into their quality control process.

Following the test we are able to establish a report determining which pattern is present as well as personalized recommendations.

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Our Exprience


Because glycosylation reflects adaptation of cell metabolism to the cultivation mode, glycomonitoring can be used to assess product quality

Glycosylation is governed by the cell metabolic status at all steps: it reflects the coordinated action of more than a hundred of synthetic enzymes on both the product and host cell proteins. Additionnally, it regulates cell growth via an unique transient glycosylation.

A repertoire of >1000 N-glycan structures can be selected  by each cell in less than 2 hours. Glycan heterogeneity can therefore be seen as a bar code for cell management and can be traced at all steps to maximize quality on line with productivity.

To this end, product glycoprofiles do not need to be fully characterized throughout bioprocesses but rather, they need to rapidly monitor quality attributes to maximize efficacy : low mannose, low fucose, high galactose, high sialic acid, no carbohydrate antigens….

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Glycosylation can be used on line as a bar code because it is cell-, protein and process specific


Glycoservices for a more efficient control of bioprocesses


The CC-Lab platform offers develops an innovative services to target bioproduct glycopatterns and monitor all steps of biomanufacturing and

    -   Facilitate quick decision making

    -   Accelerate development timelines

     -  Maximize product quality

    -   Sustain high productivity 

Glycomonitoring applies to most biologics and biosimilars as well as to viral production and cell therapy. It is based on customized glycotests which enable rapid, yet accurate, product development at each step of bioprocesses.

Glycotests can be designed as ELISA formats for mapping a wide array of cell and biologics in the developmental pipeline. Fast-track screening of glycans allows to assess and validate a production workflow while keeping costs minimal.





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